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Como Brews

Below you will find a listing of the various beers that I have brewed.  If you have tasted any of them please feel free to share your rating and comments.

You will also find recipe information for most of them just in case you want to try to make one of these on your own.

None More Black

None More Black Black IPA

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Naughty or Nice

Naughty or Nice Holiday Ale

 Gingerbread Holiday Ale

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Love & Rage

Love & Rage Belgian Dubbel

Mischief Brew 2016 - Roasted Fig & Anise Dubbel 

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Hop Como

Hop Como Imperial IPA

All fresh Como-grown hops used for flavor and aroma in this monster IPA.  Aged for 77 days because thats punk-rock.

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Comeback Belgian Tripel

Oaked Tripel - this is the first beer that I have brewed after taking an almost 2-year hiatus following an unexpected brain surgery.  The beer will be aged using oak chips soaked in whiskey that was itself aged in my mini-barrell gifted to me by my family last year.

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Zombie Portal

Zombie Portal Barleywine

Inspired by the Scottish barleywine Skullsplitter, this was brewed in the summer of 2013.  Then, while it was fermenting, I had some health issues that resulted in an unexpected brain surgery.  The new joke was that I now had a Zombie Portal in in my head due to the new hole in my skull.  So, here you go... the beer that fermented while my head was split... Zombie Portal. 

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